INTER-CEPT, short for Interventions Needed to End Recidivism-Critical Entry Point Treatment, aims to enhance collaboration between the mental health and juvenile justice systems. Project INTER-CEPT’s objective is to ensure that young individuals requiring behavioral health assistance are connected with beneficial treatment options. The program’s goal is to screen youths involved in the Kanawha County Juvenile Justice System or truancy court diversion programs, identifying those with mental health or substance abuse issues impacting their functioning and contributing to their justice system involvement. Currently, Project INTER-CEPT serves youths aged 12 to 21 participating in truancy court diversion programs, at risk of entering or already within the juvenile justice system or placed on improvement periods or probation in Kanawha County. Initial screenings are conducted by the Project INTER-CEPT coordinator or probation officers for referred youths through preliminary hearings or school attendance directors. Based on identified needs, appropriate referrals are made. The program offers therapy services to youths grappling with emotional, behavioral, or substance abuse challenges.

This service is offered at the following locations: