Forensic Group Homes

Forensic group homes offer tailored 24/7 services to residents released on conditions from Mildred Mitchell-Bateman Hospital, William R. Sharpe, Jr. Hospital, or other designated DHHR OHF facilities. “Forensic patients” include defendants in criminal proceedings found incompetent to stand trial-non restorable (IST-NR) or not guilty by reason of mental disorder or defect, under court jurisdiction per the Conditional Release Plan (CRP).

Target Population/Eligible Patients: Adults over 18, classified as “forensic” patients at specified hospitals or facilities, with diagnoses of mental illness, intellectual developmental disability, and/or substance abuse/dependency disorder. They must be clinically stable, not requiring hospital care but in need of 24-hour supervised care and suitable for placement in a forensic community group home, benefiting from provided services. Selection is a joint decision by the program manager, patient’s treatment team (including physician), and Forensic Services staff.

This service is offered at the following locations: