Executive Outreach / Permanent Supported Housing

Permanent Supported Housing transitions individuals from traditional residential models in mental health or co-occurring community services to community-based support approaches, offering more choice and flexibility in housing, roommates, and neighborhoods. It emphasizes consumer choice and quality housing, providing support services for up to 16 hours per day (7am-11:30 pm) to eligible individuals in their own homes, as determined by individual needs. Those without housing will receive assistance in securing accommodation. Support services aim to foster meaningful daily activities, social networks, independence, income generation, and resources for safe and stable living. The goal is for individuals to live fully in their chosen community, with access to staff support throughout the day and evening.

Target Population: Adults diagnosed with serious mental illness or co-occurring substance use disorder, identified as high-risk for hospitalization or currently in a state hospital/diversion facility. Their treatment team has determined they require up to 16 hours of Permanent Supportive Housing to maintain some level of independent living.


This service is offered at the following locations: