ESMH (Expanded School Mental Health)

The Expanded School-Based Mental Health (ESMH) program is designed to operate throughout the regular school year, offering three tiers of services.

Tier 1 services encompass two Universal Prevention Programs, which are accessible to 80% of the student population and delivered by school personnel.

Tier 2 services consist of Targeted Group and Individual Interventions, accessible to 15% of the school population. These interventions are provided collaboratively by the school and a designated therapist from the Prestera Health Services.

Tier 3 services involve Intensive Interventions, provided exclusively by Prestera therapists, targeting 5% of the student population.

ESMH locations include Prichard Elementary and Ceredo Elementary in Wayne County, West Side Middle School in Kanawha County, and Scott High School in Boone County.

This service is offered at the following locations: