CSED -Children with Serious Emotional Disorder Waiver

The CSED Waiver program offers assistance to children grappling with severe emotional disorders by enabling them to remain with their families in a supportive home environment while accessing necessary services to enhance their well-being. Targeting families with children and youth aged 3 to 21, the program streamlines the process for obtaining waivers, typically taking 3-4 months for qualification. Upon approval, families select a case management provider and a service provider, both sourced from different agencies. Prestera assumes the dual role of case management and service provider for CSED. The comprehensive range of services encompasses multi-disciplinary planning, independent living skills development, job assistance, family therapy, respite care, specialized therapy, community integration, crisis response, peer support, and transportation. To initiate the application process for CSED Waiver, individuals can complete the CSEDW Application Form HERE

This service is offered at the following locations: